Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birdwatching | 17 Day Old House Finch Babies Have Fledged

Well, it finally happend...the 2 baby house finch birds finally fledged the nest today at age 17 days. The above photo was taken last evening when they were 16 days old and this afternoon I actually got to see them leave the nest with their mom. Kind of sad that I won't see the 2 babies again now that they have fledged their nest. (click photo above to enlarge to see the details)

Can you believe that it only takes 17 days from the time they hatch and are born naked for them to get down and feathers and leave their nest? wow! You can find their 1 day old photos along with other photos of them by checking out my Bird Watching category here on my blog. Sad to see them go but they are now on their own and building a life for themselves.

~ Shelly ~

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