Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birdwatching | Six Day Old Baby House Finch Birds

Time to update you all again on our baby House Finch Birds! As of yesterday (when the photo was taken) there are 2 babies in the nest and they are now 6 days old. As you can see, their bodies are now 70% covered in down and about 15% of their feathers are through. Their eyes are still shut and their beaks are really starting to take form.

The mommy finch who I have named Ester (short for nester) is taking great care of these 2 birdies and only leaves the nest to feed or for when we mist it with water & take photos. The babies are growing at a bionic rate...doubled in size in only 6 days but yet still pretty small. I will update you all again in a few days.

~ Shelly

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