Thursday, August 11, 2011

Looking For A New Cell Phone Carrier? Check out NET10 Unlimited Plan

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few years ago we got roped into a long term cell phone contract with a slew of hidden fees that we just could not get out of for 4+ years! Well, since that time we have gotten a lot smarter about cell phones and cell phone carriers. Today I am sharing some information with you about the company called NET10 and their unlimited Plan along with a few other plans that NET10 offers.

Before we begin, I would like for you hear what a real NET10 customer has to say about NET10. With Net10 there are no long term contracts, no surprise charges and no credit checks! Wow, you gotta love that! In addition if you are a heavy cell phone user they have an Unlimited Plan where you can get unlimited calls, text messages and data for only $50.00 a month. If you are a light cell phone user you can get 200 minutes a month for $15.00 and you can carry over your unused minutes! yeah!

NET10 only uses reliable phone manufacturers like Motorola, LG, Nokia and Samsung. They have pay as you go plans so that you can structure your cell phone usage into your budget. This is great for both business use and personal use. What is really impressive is that as your cell phone usage changes you can switch your plans back and forth on a monthly basis to suit your calling needs. Airtime can be purchase online, local at a store or even by your Net10 phone.

You gotta check out this cute NET10 commercial which will give you some insight about the NET10 company. International long distance service is available to over 75 countries for about 15 cents a minute! In addition they have a country neighbors plan for Canada and Mexico where your family & friends who live in those 2 countries can call you on your NET10 phone.

You can get a simple needs phone (for calls & text) for under $15.00 and for under $40.00 you can get a phone that has camera, video and web capabilities. If you want a phone that has it all and then some you can get one of those for under $60.00. 

I would like to invite you to follow NET10 on Facebook and on Twitter for additional information. Check out this video where you can see the Light about how great NET10 is and what they can offer to you!

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