Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birdwatching | Ten Day Old Baby House Finch Birds

Time to update all of you on the baby house finch birds. As of yesterday they are 10 days old and as you can see in this photo (click it to enlarge) there are 2 babies and they now have their eyes open and their beaks are fully formed & mom has been feeding them well. Their bodies are completely covered now in down and very fine feathers. They are not moving around too much just yet but when mom leaves the nest to feed they cry for her which breaks my heart :(

I think they are totally adorable but the sad thing is that within a week they will be gone as they usually fledge around 14-16 days (at least that has been our past experience). I will try to get a better photo tomorrow but it's really hard now since they are the same color as the nest!

~ Shelly ~

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