Monday, July 22, 2013

Children and their Fascination with Cardboard Moving Boxes

Princess playing in her new cardboard box fort!
Back in December we had about 50 cardboard moving boxes delivered to us so that I could pack up our belongings and move into our new house. Our entire living room was stacked wall to wall with empty moving boxes and you could barely get around in that room.

Well, the Princess came over for a play date with Nanny and Pappy and when she saw all of those empty cardboard moving boxes her eyes lit up like flying saucers! You would of thought that child was looking at gold or something! Seriously, she could hardly contain her excitement when she saw over 50 empty boxes sitting in our living room.

Within minutes she had her Pappy building her a multi-level fort out of all of those cardboard boxes which took him about 30 minutes to do. Once it was done...Princess crawled right into her new cardboard fort and played in there for 4 hours straight! Matter of fact, she fell asleep in her fort and that is where she napped for the entire afternoon.

Later that day when she had to go home she actually cried because she wanted to take all of those boxes home with her to play with them at a future date. Of course my daughter (her mother) way!!! Ever since that play date our Princess has been enthralled every time she sees a pile of empty cardboard moving boxes and wants to play in them and with them.

Funny...we can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new toy for our grand kids (and kids) but yet you give them some free empty boxes and that is the BEST toy ever! When the next grand kid comes along some day, I am going to remember that the FREE toys are just as good as the expensive ones!

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