Monday, July 15, 2013

The Dauphin Carnival in Middle Paxton Township

Pappy & Princess on the Ferris Wheel
Last week was the popular Dauphin Carnival up in Middle Paxton Dauphin, Pennsylvania. My husband grew up in Dauphin and even though we don't live there now...he always looks forward to the Dauphin carnival coming into town.

Well, last week he took our little 4 year old grand daughter ~ Princess Gia up to the carnival for her first time. He thought she would be afraid to get on some of the rides...but she wasn't! Matter of fact, she wasn't interested in the kiddie rides at all...nope, our girl was IN LOVE with the ferris wheel and got on it several times! She is one brave little girl as I hate ferris wheels since I am afraid of heights.

After the carnival they stopped on their way out to pick up some cotton candy (one of her favorites) and to get some sno-cones. She was super excited about the evening she just had and begged her Pappy to take her back the next night. Thankfully, she forgot about it the next day which made pappy pretty happy! LOL

Since I wasn't feeling well, I stayed home and enjoyed a good movie, with a lot of peace & quiet until they arrived back. Wow, she was wound up tight like a top, after eating all of that cotton candy! Shame on pappy for giving it to her late in the evening!

Next week we are both going to take Princess Gia to another area carnival that is coming nearby and hopefully, they will have even better rides than the last one.

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