Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Newly Hatched Baby Birds - Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hubby and I have been big bird watchers for the past 10+ years and every year we are blessed with several different species of birds calling our backyard their home. When we find the nests...we chart them on our backyard map and make sure that we keep an eye on the birds while they are nesting and living here.

When you stumble upon a nest, it is really important to NOT touch it and do not disturb it in any way. When we photograph eggs, nests and newly hatched birds, we always make sure that mom is out hunting for food and that we do NOT touch the nest! We use a high powered camera with telephoto lens to get our snapshots.

Well, last week we stumbled upon a Robin's nest that is built in one of our large bushes and inside that nest was 4 beautiful blue robin eggs. Two days of the eggs hatched and the following day...two more eggs hatched. It has been five days now and the 4th unhatched egg has disappeared.

Officially, we got three beautiful little robin babies that are growing stronger each day and will be ready to fledge the nest in about 4 to 6 more days. They are doubling in size daily and each & every day they have more and more down & feathers on them. When mom leaves the nest to collect food...they are pretty noisy awaiting her return.

Well, there you have "Almost" Wordless Wednesday post for this week and this post is also being filed under our bird watching category here on the blog. You can find other bird watching info & photographs by visiting that category.

Do you enjoy bird watching and if so, what are some of your favorite species of birds to watch? We are big backyard birders and we love to watch sea birds and owls too! Happy Birding!

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