Monday, July 8, 2013

The Christian Focus of Homeschooling

Guest post by Daniel L

Australia is a land of great distances and sparse settlements, particularly away from the coastal areas. Everywhere in the country are families whose children need not only a secular education, but also a Christian-focused faith-based education that will prepare them to meet the rigors of modern life.

The Australian Christian College, Moreton, provides instruction at all levels of primary, middle, and secondary (college) education. They do it for the home-schooled audience via the Internet, and with parental support, using the same dedicated faculty available at the Caboolture schools.

Called "distance education," the program heavily involves home and parents as participants in the child's education. The school feels that the atmosphere of family values is a blessing to the student and while the student misses the collegial aspects of a centralized educational activity, there is much to be gained by learning the important lessons of life in a loving, nurturing family setting.

There is one very specific advantage of ACC's distance education program: the student gets to interact, albeit electronically, with students and adults from all over the country. This socialization, involving a cross section of many age groups from student to adult, helps the distance student to acquire behavioural rules of conduct. In addition, the ACC ministry allows them to gain the beliefs and attitudes to prepare them to function effectively in society.

It is recommended that you view the school's website and take particular notice of the perspectives of the mothers who are interviewed. Each is highly supportive of the school's participation with their children and well pleased with the preparation to meet both secular and religious challenges for their children.

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