Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Princess & Her Cotton Candy - Almost Wordless Wednesday

Princess Gia loves going to amusement parks, county fairs and small town carnivals. The surprising thing about all of this is that she is NOT afraid of any rides...nope, not at all! When it comes to getting on the rides...she is all about the adult ones!

A few days ago I published a post here on my blog showing you all how she got onto the Ferris Wheel several times with her Pappy and it was her favorite ride at the Dauphin Carnival. If she had her way...she would ride a Ferris Wheel every day! Not me...I am afraid of heights!

One of the things Princess Gia loves after we are done riding rides and playing games is to get a big bag of cotton candy! Yes...that sugary sweet stuff that makes your teeth hurt and your tummy ache! She doesn't care what flavor it is...just as long as it's cotton candy and a lot of it!

She was quite happy as you can see from the above photo to have received a brand new bag of cotton candy from Pappy for being such a good girl at the carnival. Lucky for pappy who doesn't need any more high-calorie food...she didn't share any of it with him! LOL Good for her!

Anyway, this is my new "almost" wordless Wednesday post for this week. Enjoy!

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